Due to the current climate around COVID-19, please be aware that, effective March 19, 2020 at 8:30 AM, Cache Valley Insurance lobby will be temporarily closed with drive-through services remaining open on the north side of our building during normal business hours. All operations will continue as normal. We value your business and want to continue to assist you with your Insurance needs. If you need to make a change to your policy, make a payment, write a new policy etc... Please call us at 435-752-4560 or send us an email at cachevalleyinsurance1979@gmail.com

Renter’s Insurance

Don’t own a home but still want your belongings covered? Cache Valley Insurance will give you options. Each renters’ policy will not only cover your belongings, but also provides personal liability and medical coverage in case a visitor is injured while on the premises. Did you know that if you have belongings in a storage unit they are covered as well? Additionally, you can have the assurance that your belongings are covered in your vehicle or if you are traveling anywhere in the world! You also have the ability to cover special items such as art, jewelry, firearms, etc. on your renters’ policy for a low monthly premium. Whether you’re a student, saving for a home of your own, rent a storage unit, or simply like the flexibility of renting let us cover your personal belongings while protecting your other assets along the way!


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